Sunday, February 4, 2007

Baby Face

HOURS on this and it's still not right.
I lost a 1/2 day yesterday, but oh it was fun.
Snuggled in my blanket, erasing over and over and over again.

A sketch of one of the willowtree angels.


vanessa said...

Beautiful! Those baby've really captured an expression. I like how you conveyed the fullness of the lips. And the skin looks luminous, like baby skin does -- that seems like it would be hard to catch. Amazing job!

And the should frame it for Christmas. The proportions seem just right to me, and the whole thing looks like the work of a confident artist. ::applause::

lisa said...

Thanks Vanessa. I love drawing facial features, I just don't like putting them all together! the proportions are not quite right and they are not quite in the right place.

Hope they do not cancel class tonight!